100 years within the family

In mid-March, while the vines are in their last days of hibernation, the sap starts flowing within. In no time, we will see the birth of new grapes springing from the vine’s shoots.

Mercè Duffour was born in March 1920. Years later, it was she who led the family meetings around the dining table, delighted by the reunion, where the conversation mostly turned around the cultures of wine and cava, a passion that she shared with Josep, her husband, and her children Josep, Mercè, Carmina, and Jordi.

Humbly, She took good care of her family. It was the richness of these exchanges, these moments of fraternity, that gave her strength and fulfillment.

A hundred years later, she remains with us.

Disgorging a bottle of Cava,

We raise our glasses.

Salut! She cheers.


We invite you to imagine Mercè, the vines, the furrows, the grapes, and the glasses full of cava. We are gathered around the table. It is with this intimate and wandering imagination that we want to invite you to cultivate the artistic act. Appealing to past memories while measuring the present, our emotions, one hundred years later, We continue to care.


To harvest creativity, we propose to create a private art collection inspired by the culture of Cava. Like the vineyard itself, the unique artworks we propose to curate will be created through a multiplicity of artistic paths. Our wish is to cultivate values, to germinate relationships, to nourish an original and unique way of doing through art. All these creative paths will become, little by little, year after year, an archive of literary, visual, sculptural, audio-visual, and performative artistic fruits.

Through artistic practices, we want to establish a dialogue with the patient rhythm of the vineyard, with the conversations after a meal that lengthen as we disgorge a very chilled bottle of cava.

We want to learn from new stories, unexpected interpretations, possible narratives to be immersed in the reflection of Cava and its time.



Only the best is left:

To disgorge a Mercè Duffour bottle of cava and let the moment shine through its bubbles.





Our love for Mercè Duffour led us, 20 years ago, to bring this project

to fruition.From Avinyonet del Penedès to our tables,

this Cava bears her name and rewards her life.

On the occasion of the centenary of her birth, in 2020

we are taking a step forward by inviting you to be part of this history.

This is how the story unfolds, as it does with Cava,

giving time,welcoming emotion.